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16th February 2011

Well we are certainly having our fair share of reefs lately and the anchorage of Clifton was yet another one. We spent one night here and our main reason for stopping was to obtain our outward clearance from customs.

Our friends Bridget and Peter from White Rose had spent some time here a few weeks before and had told us of a nice beach restaurant over on the north side of the island. As we’d arrived at Clifton late morning we decided to stretch the legs and walk over to the restaurant for a spot of lunch.
The walk which took a little over 30 mins was an easy stroll. We  passed fields with goats, sheep, cows and the odd chicken, something we haven’t seen for a while.

Arriving at the beach where Gordon’s restaurant was located was as delightful as Peter and Bridget had described, a beautiful bay with a white sand beach.  Rather than the usual type of table arrangement, this little restaurant had a couple of raised side - less  huts that would seat  maybe  four or six  people around  one  table.So it was essentially, intimate outdoor dining, right on the sand.

We spent a couple of hours here enjoying the scenery and  watching the sea birds plumet like rockets into the water trying to catch their lunch.A`while later we toddled back to the small town to have a quick look around.

        The  views from Gordon's restaurant

Clifton was one of those blink and you’ll miss it type towns. From what we saw it was fairly sleepy with a couple veggie stalls and a few small shops and boutiques. The anchorage yacht club looked quite inviting and had a very nice looking dining and bar area and a fairly user friendly dinghy dock. We didn’t stay long in town and headed back out to GWTW after we’d finished our paperwork with customs.

The following morning we departed with the intention of making a brief stop at Petite St Vincent and then heading down to Grenada.

Formalities: Customs / Immigration are available at the airport, roughly 3 mins walk from the yacht club dinghy dock or you can also visit their offices in town near the waterfront. 

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