Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Galapagos to Marquesas Day 8

25th July 2017

Current position : 05 22.48S 112 51.8W. SOG 6.7 KTS. COG 261. Wind SSE 12kts. Sea State slight chop 2m swell. 24 hr run 189nm

Very non descript day today. Overcast to start, then clearing with a little blue sky, a smidge of rain then back to cloudy at sunset. Sounds like an average day in Melbourne really. It's still quite chilly at night so the wardrobe of choice is track pants, fleecy tops and socks.

On the health front, Liam's eye is not showing signs of improving just yet. He's struggling to focus using only his right eye and is having trouble with depth perception. Sometimes he reminds me of someone watching a 3D movie as he tries to grasp things that are just out of reach. The chlorsig drops are still being administered regularly and he's taking Ibuprofen to reduce the swelling as it's starting to look like someone punched him.

Being the fashion hound that we all know Liam is he's smartened up to today's attire by accessorizing his look with a white eye patch and matching guard. One could say he has a look for every occasion. But seriously the guard will stop wandering fingers poking around in there and keep the bright light, salt air and wind away and stop the tracks of his tears staining his precious little cheeks. If things don't start to improve soon I may have to break out Polly, our inflatable parrot and sit her on his shoulder. Hopefully tomorrow will be the turning point.

Fairly sedentary tasks were performed today. We shook out one reef from our mainsail and a few hours later put it back in again. One load of laundry was washed, dried, folded and put away and a well needed wash down of the cockpit completed. It always astounds me the amount of dust, hair and fluff that accumulates in the corners out there. Not to mention the odd flying fish scales that appear from nowhere.

We saw two birds, cleaned up 8 dead and drying squid from the decks, ate lamb burger's for lunch, watched some more of The Kennedys series, had a sundowner at sunset sans sun and called it a day.

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