Saturday, July 29, 2017

Galapagos to Marquesas Day 11

28th July 2017

Current position: 07 07.3S / 121 35.9W at 0200 UTC,2000 hrs boat time. SOG 8.4kts. COG 261T. Wind SE 13kts. Sea State: Flat. DTR 1039nm. 24 hr run 180nm.

What a fabulous day it has been out here today.

Since the early hours the wind has been steadily dropping off. There have been no squalls and only a light drizzle of rain for about 20 mins, just not quite enough to wash the salt of the decks.

By mid morning the conditions had really settled into a nice pattern. The wind was a steady 12 kts from the SE and the seas quite flat with no rogue waves or white water. The clouds had parted giving way to sunny blue skies and a temperature of 29C. We rolled in the jib and out came our beam reaching sail, the screecher.

With these conditions life on board is about as normal as it can get on a passage. No thumping, bumping, bashing or crashing. It's almost too benign.

So what you do on days like this? You enjoy the great outdoors. Yes I know that sounds a bit of a silly thing to say when you live on a boat and are on passage across the Pacific but hey,let's be realistic here. When the weather is rough and the cockpit has taken the odd wave with salt coating everywhere you want to put your butt, call us soft but we're not that inclined to spend a lot of time outside lounging around just for the heck of it.

Today was different kettle of fish, a rare treat you could say. The salt encrusted cockpit got another wash down and we made hay while the sun shone soaking up all the vitamin D we could get. Life is good. Now if only it can day like this till we make landfall.

Animal count today: No fish, No dolphins, No whales, two birds and no dead bodies on the decks.

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