Friday, July 28, 2017

Galapagos to Marquesas Day 10

27th July 2017

Current Position: 06 03.7S / 118 59.5W at 0200UTC, 2000hrs boat time. SOG 8.2kts . COG 245 T. Wind SSE 11 kts. Sea State Lumpy and rolly. Sea temp, It's warming up, 20.1C. DTR 1205nm. 24hr run 180 nm.

Beautiful sunrise
Just after 0630 a mini squall gave us a monster wind shift sending us due south. Defiantly not where we wanted to go.
One minute we were heading west and the next 25kts hit us and off we went. Theses squalls, sometimes with rain and sometimes without, seem to materialize from nowhere. A few puffy clouds get your attention and by the time you think about it wham it has you by the short and curlies. Ten minutes later it's just a memory.

Breakfast this morning was banana pancakes with maple syrup, followed closely by lattes and a mid morning snack of..,you guessed it bananas. There will be bananas served with everything come tomorrow as the hand that I picked up the day before leaving the Galapagos are all ripening at once. We'll have gone totally bananas by the time we've munched through them all.

Something  big took a bite out of this lure

The captain was a happy chappy today having caught another nice size Mahi. Rather than pull it in first go as he usually does he decided he'd let it run for a bit to tire it out. Then he figured he could drag it up onto the transom and do the deed without the all the struggling and flapping about. These fish fight to the end and then some.

However his line of thinking changed rather rapidly when he spotted a big fin not far from his prize Mahi. Mr nice guy wasn't about to share this fish with anyone. The shark made a swim by to line up for the big bite but his nibs was too fast out of the blocks and in one swift pull of the line landed said fish up on the second step well out of the reach of Jaws. Liam 1 shark 0.
And that was the end of the fishing for today, no point tempting fate.

Our day ended with yet another "green flash" sunset. We're starting to think they are a dime a dozen out here.

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