Saturday, July 22, 2017

Galapagos to Marquesas, Day 4

21st July 2017

Current position : 02 53.91S /099 30.1W at 0200 UTC, 2000hr boat time. SOG 8.4. COG 252T. Wind SSE15 kts. Sea state, Choppy.
24 hr run : 135nm.

Today was just another day at the office. The early hours saw light winds, flattish seas and not even the distant lights of trawlers. It was just us out here with a million stars above. The sun came up as a big ball of fire, just the same way it went down last evening. Spectacular to say the least.

Light winds continued all day so for a change of scenery we rolled out the spinnaker for a cameo appearance. It looked ever so pretty floating gracefully off the starboard side but sadly did nothing for our boat speed. Can't have it all.

The fish tally today...nada. Most mundane the brown slime that is rearing it's ugly head on our transoms. If we don't keep on top of it by the time we make landfall we'll look like a bit part from the movie "The Blob".

Then as evening approached the breeze started to increase and not wanting to get caught with our pants down, we pulled down the giant sock and snuffed the spinnaker. Into it's bag and into the locker it went. That was more than likely the last time it will see that daylight on this passage.

The clock has struck eight and we are starting to pick up speed. The fresh breeze is kicking up GWTW's ever so clean transoms and girl is stretching her legs. I reckon we could be in for a fast but bumpy night.

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