Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Galapagos to Marquesas : Day 1

18th July 2017

Current position: 01 27S 92 23W @0200 UTC, 2000hr boat time, SOG 5.4, COG 253, DTR 2830NM

So far so good. Isabela is gradually disappearing behind us and after many miles we have finally emerged from the cloud and drizzle that has been a constant since arriving in the Galapagos. The sky is blue and the sun is shinning and we're wearing sunglasses. The sea water temps are still rocketing south and the gauge reads a very chilly 14c, best not fall overboard just yet!

Last look at land for a while

The fishing lines have been deployed but as this stage there have been no takers. The captain lives in hope of a strike. Most of the day the Boobies and the Petrels have been giving us a royal escort out of the Galapagos, maybe some might hitch a ride tonight. And as a last hooray we've seen a couple of huge Manta Rays as well.

The winds are steady on the beam coming in from the SSE at 8-10 kts and our boat speeds have been in the 9,10 & 11 knot range for most of the day but are lightening off now.. Pushing us in the right direction is the mainsail with one reef and our screecher, our big reaching sail. GWTW is purring along on the straight and level. Life onboard is good at this point in time, here's hoping it stays that way.

Taking down the Galapagos flag

We heard from another boat today, S/V OFF 2 C (catamaran) they have arrived in Santa Cruz from mainland Ecuador. We meet the OFF 2 C crew Vaughn and Leslie in Guatemala years ago and again in Panama a few months back. While anchored in Santa Cruz Leslie had a bad fall and now has two broken ribs. This injury was caused by the atrocios conditions in Santa Cruz harbour. The same sea state that drove us out of there.

In keeping with all our previous ocean passage traditions we have started up the "Tailenders Magellan Net" on our high frequency SSB radio with the three other boats that we know of out here. We pick up the microphones twice daily for a chat and even through we can't see each other it's nice to have some neighbours just across the fence so to speak.

S/V Lurata a NZ flagged Northwind 56ft monohull which left Santa Cruz this morning is 55 miles astern. The race is on.

The red dot is us heading out 

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