Sunday, January 2, 2011

Atlantic Crossing Part 2 - Day 16

Our noon position on 30/12/2010 was 13.13 N /49.36 W. Our noon to noon run from 29/12 was 150 miles.

Thursday 30th December.

The ever shrinking moon, now only a crescent, is not  rising until the early hours of the morning, leaving  us ample time for stargazing and contemplating life while enjoying the balmy breezes on watch. It's a very peaceful pastime and one which we saver for the nights when the city backlights obscure the beautiful night sky.
In good weather, sailing at night is the most wonderful experience. Tonight is one of those nights.

Our trusty radar shows no signs of squalls as we head down through 13 degrees south. It maybe short lived but it's a pleasant change. The wind again is soft and the sea pretty calm.

The daylight hours revealed a sunny clear blue sky, the first cloudless day since leaving the Cape Verde's and that's how it stayed all day long. Beautiful sailing conditions prevailed with light easterlies and gentle swells nugging the transoms and pushing us slowly along.

After 1500 miles the outline of "Tehani Li's" sails popped up over the horizon a few hours ago and she is now  clearly visible a couple of miles down to leeward carrying her kite and poled out jib. So nice to be sailing in company again after all this time and it will make for an interesting night if the breeze stays light.

Ahead and to windward 'No Rehearsal" continues to hold the lead. Last night they reported that a forward hatch on the inside of their port hull failed and the sea began to poor in. Daryl, quick as a flash, secured it closed by screwing plywood across it, to it and any other way that he could to stop the flow of water. They are now taking it pretty steady for the obvious reasons. This is the second failure of an inner hull hatch this year on the Catana. No doubt they will be taking up the issue with the hatch manufacturer! On the 1800 radio sked they mentioned that their day has been spent enjoying the companionship of a whale that has been swimming alongside and under their trampolines for some hours. What a spectacular sight, can't wait to see the photos.
The end of another day at sea and time for a sundowner

Sunset has rolled around again so it's time to break open the bar and have that well earned beverage of choice. With such a clear horizon there is an excellent chance of seeing the "Green Flash".

It would be great to tick that one off the list before the end of 2010

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