Thursday, December 30, 2010

Atlantic Crossing Part 2 - Day 15

Our position at noon on the 29th December was 14.03 N / 47.11 W. Our noon to noon run from the 28/12/2010 was 149 miles.

Wednesday 29th December.

In total contrast to yesterday's conditions, last night's were most uneventful. The seas were much calmer and the winds steady. We were able to coast along at a nice pace of 6-7 kts for most of the night. Sleeping conditions down below were tranquil as there were  no loud kathumps from the  waves crashing into the sides of the hull .The absence of squalls / rain  allowed the hatches to be open providing good ventilation and making for a comfortable night's sleep for whoever was off watch.

Our moderate pace has continued today so mid morning we gybed south again in the hope of picking up better wind down near latitude 13 S Shortly after lunch this move was abandoned  as the wind once again changed direction so we gybed back to our original course of  267 T.

Reading books, playing guitar and writing emails was the order of the day. The hours just seem to slip away more quickly when you are at sea and you start to wonder where the day has gone.
Late afternoon the breeze picked up once again and running with the screecher we were achieving  good speeds of 9s' and 10's for s couple of hours.

As dusk approached the familiar light air pattern was upon us yet again. This continued throughout the evening.

The night is shaping up to be another quiet one!

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