Sunday, December 26, 2010

Atlantic Crossing Part 2 - Day 11

"Christmas Day 2010"

Our position at 1200 on 25/12/2010 was 15.12N /35.42W. Our noon to noon run from 24/12 was 176 Miles

HO. HO,HO, we hope that you have had a wonderful day  out there with just the right amount of seafood, turkey  or  pork and some wonderful bubbly to wash it all down. Annie cooked up a right storm here in the galley today, don't know why we keep putting on weight! The only thing we truly missed was some bbq king prawns, but we've definitely consumed our fair share over the past years.

Late last evening we took the decision to again head on a southerly course. Our excellent  land based  weather guru, Mark from  "Team Balvenie",  had just sent through the latest forecast and  this combined with the grib weather which comes to us via our HF  radio , same way that we receive emails, completed the picture for the upcoming few days.
A few bubbles to start the day
The screecher was put to bed, a line secured to the  boom to prevent any an involuntary gybes, now that would ruin our day, and off we went on a course of  263T with very respectable speeds between 6- 8 knots. We were rewarded with a peaceful off watch , and a good night's sleep. Dawn found us still slipping downwind at a modest pace in a softening breeze towards Barbados mon.

Obviously Santa had sneaked in during the night as `the Skipper awoke to  a saloon where the elves had been hard at work in the early hours. With  prezzies under the tree he was over the moon at finding a couple of stubbies of VB as well as a few other goodies. A celebratory   glass of chilled champers was enjoyed during the morning's radio sked as the wishes for a lovely day floated across the airways. Then it was back to bed for the off watch 'till lunch time.  The conditions could not have been better for a Christmas at sea.

                                              A snapshot of our Christmas day mid Atlantic
Meanwhile back on the  racing front. Well you may ask , where are the leaders of the pack??. According to this morning's radio sked it appeared that we had squeezed past Tehani Li and the big Beneteau, Bondi Tram during the hours of darkness. The  Catana 52 " No Rehearsals"  failed to report in though we suspect they are around 50 mls ahead. With freshening breezes forecast over the next few days it will be interesting to see if we can close the gap…bear in mind the Catana 52 is not a slow boat!!
If conditions allow,  then tomorrow we will hoist the kite and see what that brings .. as today our focus was more intent on chicken and champagne sailing.

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