Thursday, December 16, 2010

Atlantic Crossing - Day 4

Our position at 1200 on the 15th was 21.01N / 19.53W. Our noon to noon run was 166 miles.

The 75 horses that live down in the engine bay have had their fair share of exercise of late and last night they were at it again. They are very economical over long distances but they do like their tucker and as, there are not a lot of fuel docks in this neck of the woods, we'd rather keep them in their stable if possible.
Again we say .. bring on the trade winds !

By 2am the moon had disappeared and the night was, as Mark from Balvenie would say, "as black as the inside of a cow". Usually you can make out the horizon even without the moon, but not last night. It's a very eerie feeling indeed and one that we don't enjoy.

A light south west breeze came up around 5am and the jib was unfurled with the hopes of sailing for a while. Unfortunately the wind god's had other ideas and the  breeze fizzled out just as quick as it had come.. back to the horse power again.
When there is no sailing to be done , there are always other things to baking bread. No use wasting all that energy those horses have been putting into the battery banks.  Yes the smell of fresh baking bread wafting through the boat in the wee small  hours is true sensory bliss.  I must have been in overload this morning. The bread hadn't even cooled on the wire rack and I had the urge to cook again. So the skipper awoke to a breakfast treat of banana pancakes sprinkled with juicy sultanas and just a drizzle of golden syrup to top them off... yum!

Light airs have continued to plague us all day, with just a little sustainable breeze filtering in every now and then. Enough to get our hopes up.

The fishing front has also been as productive as the sailing. Two lines trolling  from the transoms and nary a bite. Maybe I shouldn't have given away the 'fishing for dummies' book at the dock party in Las Palmas a few days back.

So now it's time for a sundowner, just where does the day go?
Tonight is movie night on GWTW, no new releases here I'm afraid, but  something from our dvd library it will keep us amused for a while.
Must away now, the skipper tells me I have two minutes to get out the back to watch the sunset

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