Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Where Does the time Go

December – January 2019 / 2020.

It seems like just yesterday I turned 60 and now another birthday had rocked around. Our friends here at the marina put on a late afternoon party aboard Dave’s boat Rewa and then we all adjourned to the ‘Barge Inn”, a floating platform at the head of our dock, for pizzas and cake. What a fun evening it was and I really didn't feel any older.

                                                      Sixty One and still looking good

Over the previous months our trusty dinghy of 15 years slowly developed a terminal air leak and sadly the time had come to retire  our floating car and buy a replacement. 

We would have liked to  have  been able  to purchase the same brand, however ‘Swift’ is not available in NZ, so we opted for another popular brand, a Highfield. As it had to be shipped from the USA it was touch and go whether it would arrive before our flight back to Australia.

Luckily it was delivered the day before our departure. The commissioning would have to wait until our return in January.

Dinghy fleet owners for a short while and Liam taking the fittings off our old faithful.

Our direct flight from Auckland to the Gold Coast went without a hitch and we spent a fun week with long time friends Susan and Nick. Though I’m not so sure that our hard working livers would agree. Amongst other activities we had a great night out on Susan and Nicks boat for the local Christmas parade of boats around the canals where they live.

           Above : Getting into the Christmas spirit & Below : Lunch by the beach at Burleigh Heads .

From the GC it was down to Sydney for Christmas and New Year, catching up with friends and family. 

                                   Spending time with Liam's grand kids is always a hoot

On the spur of the moment we spent the week from Boxing day to New Year living in our apartment that we've had continuously rented since we bought it 1997. Our current tenants of eight years were holidaying on the NSW south coast and kindly agreed to let us house sit in their absence.  It was so nice to spend time there and finally enjoy the views over Sydney Harbour, which was the very reason we bought the apartment in the first place. Maybe one day we will actually retire there ourselves.

        The view from our apartment  on Boxing day for the start of the Sydney - Hobart yacht race.  

          Sydney Harbour fireworks NYE 2019 & below sharing the night with friends Sue and John

                                            Above : Aquatic Yoga Class at Manly beach.

Below : The anchorage off Manly beach harbour side and looking out towards Sydney Heads

                    Beautiful Balmoral beach clouded in  smoke from the devistating bushfires

As the days rushed by my condensed Aussie visit wrapped up and before I knew it I was boarding an Air New Zealand flight and winging it back to Whangarei. Liam was set to join me back on GWTW two weeks later. In the meanwhile I had lots of jobs on board to occupy my alone time.

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