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Plantation Island : Family Visit

27th June –06 July 2019

It had taken months of planning but eventually Liam got one of his bucket list wishes. His daughter Skye, two sons Tim and Christian, and two of his four grandchildren arrived on the doorstep, well not literally.

To make life on the GWTW less chaotic we’d booked them all into Plantation Island Resort on Mololo-Lai Island. It was a brilliant idea as the resort is extremely children oriented.

The two commercial ways to get to Plantation Island Resort

They arrived via the resort ferry from Port Denarau over on Viti Levu, the main island of Fiji. The more musical of the resort staff were on the dock playing guitars and singing their hearts out as the ferry came dockside. It was smiles and greetings of Bulla all round as the passengers disembarked, and  just to get them in the Fijian mode shell necklaces were  placed round their necks.

Ava the fearless, a budding crew member perhaps

After settling into their rooms we delivered a few beers and some bottles of bubbly to kick off the family vacation. It was went down very well indeed.

The “kids” would be in Fiji a total of nine days and we planned to take them out on a few day trips onboard GWTW and have the “littlies” on board one night for a sleepover. Liam’s sons, son-in-law Justin and grandkids Olivia and Ava had never seen GWTW in the flesh so it was a first for them. We’re pretty sure they liked what they saw.

We didn’t venture too far afield as getting an early start wasn’t really on their agenda, and they all had to be back each afternoon by around five for dinner in the resort. Still we made the most of it.

The beautiful waters colours at Cloud Nine

A trip out to Cloud Nine, a trendy floating bar/pizzeria sitting atop the pale blue waters inside Ro Ro reef was a huge hit. 

The littles, Olivia and Ava had a ball floating around in our man overboard horseshoes off the back of GWTW while securely tethered to the mothership.

Skye & the girls floating off GWTW

Liam with Christian
                Skye's family at Cloud Nine

                                              A very happy Liam watching his flock

The famous Pizzas

Lunch at Mana Island

Over the week we took them up to Mana Island for a spot of snorkeling, which actually wasn’t that good that day due to the poor water clarity and  also out to the privately owned Namoto Island behind which is the legendary surf area named Cloud Break.

We bought a couple of snapper from a local fisherman

Timothy cleaned them up and we barbequed them for lunch. Nothing beats fresh fish
There was lots of resort pool grandad sessions as well as BBQ lunches on GWTW and ashore at the cruiser’s Island BBQ area at Musket Cove.Marina.

Olivia in flight

And the splasdown

Now it was Ava's turn

Another splashdown

Liam's smile says it all
The time flew by and before we all knew it, it was time to say goodbye. How time flies when you’re having fun. They were all pretty sad to go but thoroughly enjoyed their time here.

Our farwell dinner
We’re pretty sure there will be quite a lot of friends envy when they start talking about their trip to Fiji.

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