Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Splish, Splash it’s Launch Day

20th March 2018


Not only is the sun shinning and we go back in the water today, but it’s also Liam’s birthday. Yes, he got to have yet another birthday in an exotic place. Last year it was the Bahamas and this year French Polynesia. What a lucky old boy he is.

But first things first and that was putting GWTW back into that beautiful aqua coloured water. Rather than bore you with a load of diatribe and photos, I'll just say that it was the reverse of when we were hauled out back in December last year. And it went without a hitch. The sky was blue, the sun was shinning and there was just a zephyr of breeze. We ticked all the boxes on that one.



Once we were back in the wobbly stuff we took our girl for a bit of a sprint around the lagoon just to let her stretch her legs so to speak. It had been a while and boats generally don’t enjoy living on the land. Our Yanmar engines purred along and all was quiet on the bilge alarm front, which meant there was no water rushing in, big sigh. Call us strange but we do like to keep the salt water on the outside of the hulls, it makes for a lot less stress in our lives.

PB210102Once the anchor was down we partook in a celebratory adult beverage, and we fired up Genny the generator. Now young Gen has had her fair share of problems over the years and today she had a little “moment” there for a few minutes, but then she saw the light and came to the party. For that she got a big fat gold star.

Then it was Wally the watermaker turn, and Wal didn’t miss a beat. Once again he was doing his magic tuning salt water in pure drinking water. Thank heavens there is an endless supply of the stuff out here.

P3200464Come sunset we headed into the dock for a birthday sundowner with the crews from Kalea, Heaven’s Door and Boju.

Liam was a bit overwhelmed when he was sung happy birthday in three different languages and the popcorn to accompany the drinks went down a treat.

Once the sun went down  we headed back out to GWTW for a BBQ dinner and for his nibs to sample his birthday prezzies from yours truly. A nicely chilled bottle of NZ Matua Sav Blanc and a dram of Aussie Yellowtail Cab Sav.


DJI_0001 (10)DJI_0001 (3)DJI_0001 (11)

DJI_0001 (8)

We toasted to our continuing good health and to the start of our 2018 cruising season.  Let the next adventure begin!

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