Saturday, June 24, 2017

Panama to Galapagos: Day 4
23rd June 2017
Current Position: 02 19.79 N / 081 56.26 W  1930 Local Panama time. Speed 5kts motor sailing. Wind SW 5kts  COG 251T
After a wonderful nights sleep with very little rock and roll we started the day off right. Nothing beats scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and fresh asparagus.
The skies are still overcast but there doesn't seem to be much in the way of squalls about. The winds are light and the seas calm. There was only one fatality on the deck this morning, yet another squid. Maybe we should be stock piling them for a little calamari appetizer once we get to the Galapagos.

DSCN1049Liam has noticed some slime growing on our bows which is very disappointing as we cleaned everything under the waterline just four days ago. Looks like we'll be hitting the surf to clean it off again before the officials come at to greet us once we arrive. Apart from the usual group of officials, the Galapagos team also includes a diver. If the diver doesn't like what he sees when he inspects your hull you are forced to go 40 miles back out to sea while he cleans it. Given what we have to pay to check-in, of course there will be an exorbitant fee for his troubles as well. We do understand their logic as it is a very fragile environment that we are about to visit and they certainly don't want any nasty invasive species being introduced. That would ruin these islands for everyone.

P6233702It's now midday and the day has gone from overcast to blue sky and sunshine. Dolphins have been gathering in their numbers circling the boat and playing in our bow waves. They are an endless source of entertainment for any sailor and are akin to the friendly neighborhood dog who drops by for a visit and then is on their way again. We love dolphins.
This afternoon we also refilled our fuel tanks. We carry just on 260 liters of spare diesel fuel in jerry cans and with the calm conditions today it was an opportune time to top up the tanks.

              P6233696    P6233692 
The evening looks to be shaping up pretty good. With the clear sky we should get a good look at the stars tonight. It's always great to see the Southern Cross staring down at us reminding us that home is just at the end of this big patch of water called the Pacific.
And their were dolphins at sunset. What a way to finish the day.

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