Thursday, June 22, 2017

Panama to Galapagos : Day 2
June 21st 2017
Current Position : 04.53.5N / 079.53.9W @1930 local Panama time.

DSCN1062It's been a slow start to the day. The breeze filled in a little just after midday and both the main and jib got a run. Very light breeze from the west but at least we aren't listening to the thump of the engines. Patches of blue are peaking through the cloudy conditions. Looks like another nasty squall up ahead but fingers crossed it will move on before we get to it.
A ketch was spotted heading north and Liam tried to make contact via our VHF radio but to no avail. We figured the guy may have been solo as he was wrestling on the deck with his jib.  So far he is the only yacht we've seen. A few ships have been past but even their numbers are dwindling.

DSCN1057No sea life visiting at present but maybe someone will turn up around dusk. Yesterday we had a party of six penguin looking birds trying to land on GWTW for the night. I guess they saw the vacancy sign on. They gave it their best shot for nearly two hours but none were able to make it onto the tarmac. It was a shame as we are the only boat around . Speaking of that we're pretty sure that we are the last cruising boat of the season heading this way. Still someone has to bring up the rear.

IMG_5725It's now around 7pm and we are juggling cooking dinner, a yummy Moroccan lemon chicken with rice, and putting a second reef in our mainsail. The wind is now gusting up to 20kts and the calm seas of earlier are gone. It's a bumpy road out here now. Liam is up on the boom adjusting the main's leach line and we've just noticed that one of our batcars has separated from the main about midway up where it attaches to the batten.  It's ok for now but will need attention come daylight. we've rolled away our jib and have the engine on so we can hold our course otherwise our next destination will be Ecuador.
Lighting and thunder are all around us and the radar is showing the telltale purple pattern of heavy rain.

Looks like it will be a fun night ahead.
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