Thursday, March 6, 2014

Reaching along in The Ragged's. Bahamas 2014

2nd - 6th March 2014

It was a boisterous start to our trip from Georgetown to the Ragged Islands. The wind had kicked in from the north east at 15 -20 knots and the seas were very lumpy. Hog Cay Cut, a small and shallow gap between two islands is the shortcut to get out onto the banks and the remote Ragged Islands that lie to the south of Great Exuma Island. And that's where we're headed.

Once through the cut the jib was unfurled and off we went at a good clip. A vast sea of pale blue water and emptiness stretched ahead of us. We could have been out in the middle of the Atlantic except for the fact that the depths were only 8 feet. Our first stop was Water Island. Totally uninhabited, we were the only boat there. Liam, assisted by our friend Pete wasted no time donning their wet suits and hitting the water in search of lobsters. It was a frustrating and fruitless search. They returned home empty handed.

The following day we set of mid morning for the short 20 mile hop down to Flamingo Cay. Later that afternoon Tactical Directions and Out of the Bag, both Aussie cats as well, joined us in the anchorage. The three boats hadn't been together for several years and it was great to see Tony and Bill again and to finally meet Tony's new companion Michelle.

With the wind clocking more to the east the three boats were out on the race track early next morning. It was most definitely a race down to Hog Cay and we all new it. Tactical and Out of the Bag had the jump on us at first but by the halfway mark we had pulled them in and past them. And that was how it stayed for the rest of the trip.
Today is now our third day at Hog Cay and we will possibly linger a while longer. Yesterday more Aussie friends from "Gem", who had just sailed in from Cuba, arrived in the anchorage. And as some of the Americans in the anchorage put it, it looked like an Aussie invasion. So last night we all got together on Out of the Bag. Bill cooked up a yummy Lamb roast and we swapped stories and caught up on who is going where and when.

Strong winds and 40 knot squalls are forecast for later tonight and if the predictions come to fruition we may well have a sleepless night. Here's hoping that the forecast is wrong. Liam and Pete are back from their lobster run this morning and I'm pleased to report that they were successful in their venture. Lobster is on the menu for tonight.

You may by now be wondering why there are no photos with this posting. Well this post has bounced it's way to your computer screen via our HF radio. The next few posts will as well as there is little or no internet facilities where we are going. But rest assured that as soon as I can I'll be adding the photos to each photoless post.

Bahamas 2014


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