Friday, January 13, 2012

Martha’s Vineyard, But not a grape vine in sight.
20th –23rd September
After bidding Boston farewell our next destination was to be a an overnight stop at Woods Hole on the southern side of the Cape Cod Canal, and then on to the island of Martha’s Vineyard, around 75 miles south of Boston. We had timed our passage to reach the canal when the tide would be flowing the direction that we wanted and with the assistance of the current we rocketed through, hitting a top speed of 11 knots at one stage. Woods Hole proved to be a bit tight for us, though with the help of a local, we were directed to a suitable mooring ball for the night. Next morning we motored the final 30 miles to the port of Edgartown, which has a very protected harbour and  is one of the larger towns on the island of Martha’s Vineyard.
Edgartown, our first stop, bristled with up-market galleries, trendy boutiques, historic whaling captains’ homes, private yacht clubs, cafes, restaurants  and  couple of down to earth bars  that seemed to cater more to the local workers rather than  to those wearing polo shirts, golf trousers and immaculate deck shoes that had never seen a speck of salt water, it was certainly an interesting
Many years back, the town had also had the starring role in the epic movie, “Jaws” , though the town’s name had been  changed  to Amity for the movie. Scenes such as the one where the Mayor rode the car ferry while chatting to Chief Brody, the corner shop where the Chief bought his supplies to make the “beach closed” signs…and  of course  the bridge that the Great White glided under on his way to the pond where he munched up a helpless swimmer were all still  there. Clearly, there were no shark alerts while we were there, it was just business as usual.
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We meandered along the pretty streets taking a look into many of the shops and generally soaking up what Edgartown had to offer, had a few drinks in  a couple different bars and also took a bus ride to nearby Vineyard Haven, a village a few miles to the west. It too, was a neat place and we stopped for lunch at the famous, well in these parts anyway, Black Dog Tavern. After spending a couple of nights in Edgartown we weighed anchor and took GWTW up to Vineyard Haven for a change of scenery.
IMG_6546                      IMG_6548
There wasn’t a lot of fascinating things to do in Martha’s Vineyard, it’s  more a place where beautiful beaches, sparkling waters and endless bike and walking trails dominate the landscape. A place where mainlanders come to relax and escape the pressures of modern day life. But even with the whiff of wealth in the air the folk were friendly, the towns were clean and we certainly felt welcome.
P9201234   P9201236
Cruising Notes : Formalities: Call CBP on # 2075322131 for Martha’s Vineyard. Anchoring & dinghy dock : To be close to Edgartown anchor outside the breakwall or take a mooring ball in the harbour,$40 per night, or play dumb and just anchor in the harbour till someone tells you otherwise. Dinghy can be left at the dock next to the yacht club along the front of the Atlantic restaurant. Supermarkets: There are two. Catch the bus from the post office in Edgartown to Mariner’s Landing mall or a better bet is to continue on the bus to Vineyard Haven to the Stop & Shop across  the road from the bus terminal.the bus leaves every 1/2 hour and costs $3 each way. It’s about a 20min scenic ride. Entertainment : There  is a movie theatre in the main street in Edgartown.

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